Anya Hindmarch’s Service Station.

September 2015

Keep your Distance!

One for the Road!

Service Station to the Right -> -> ->

Anya Hindmarch created a pop up service station to launch her spring/summer 2016 collection.  It was a 4 day event which took place in Selfridges car park in Oxford street, London. Anya Hindmarch’s collection of items focuses on humorous handbags and creative scarfs. She pride’s her work on detail to craftsmanship and the use of personalised beautiful materials.


The carpark was transformed into a fashionable station stop where service stickers were on sale, a personalised Rolls Royce photo booth and a wall filled with fluorescent orange service cones to light up the runway. The set design was exceptional with a road signage overtaking the car park. It was not to be missed. We had one of our bespoke booth’s set up at a distance from the Rolls Royce in order to get the entire car in shot. The car was set up at an angle so the viewer would sit in the car, pose (alongside the 2 service men)  and the host would commence with the countdown to take the shot. 



The booth used for this event was one of our SF Compact photo booths. The back mural “hot wash” was  vivid and proved a complimentary backdrop for our yellow booth. We used reflective oralite vinyl that looked great against the yellow Selfridges signs. Every aspect of the pop up station was created down to a T.


It had a great turn out of people and the photo’s taken away were memorable.

Check out The Finished product!



anya setup

All of the shots came out fantastic and it was exciting to be apart of it!

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