Frequently Asked Questions

Can you capture data ?
Yes. A data capture questionnaire can pop up on the touchscreen, which the user has the choice to complete before they are share and print their images. Our data capture service is GDPR compliant.

What can we brand ?
All our products can be customised to fit your activation. Speak with your Project Manager to discuss options.

Can you customise social media sharing ?
Yes. You can predefine the Twitter copy, the email content and email subject line. The predefined copy can include hyperlinks, hashtags and handles (@'s). The Twitter post will include the content created.

What background colours can we have ?
We have a variety of colours in stock. You can have any colour, pattern or graphic you wish on request. (Additional costs apply).

Are prints included with each product ?
If you want, all our products can produce prints. These are 6 x 4 inches and are made on a dye sub printer. Please note prints might cost extra.

Are props included with each product ?
If requested, we can supply a standard prop box free of charge. Specialised prop boxes can also be organised on request (POA).

How many people can fit in a booth?
The Compact Photo Booth can fit up to 5 people comfortably. The Classic Photo Booth can fit up to 3 people comfortably.

Do you have a public liability insurance ?
Yes, a copy is available upon request, please ask your project manager.

How long does it take you to set up each product ?
SF Compact and GIF Booth : 2 hours // SF Classic: 3 hours // Hashtag Printer: 1 hour // Paparazzi Machine: 3 hours // Mirror Booth: 4 hours // Light Painting Booth: 4 hours // Event Photography: dependant on setup // Bullet Time Photo Booth: min 5 hours // Bullet Time Photography: dependant on setup. These times serve as a guideline only. Please discuss with your Projects Manager.

What happens with all the pictures created ?
All images are saved to a hard drive and archived. It is possible for images to be automatically uploaded to a dedicated gallery whilst the product is running. Alternatively, a gallery can also be made on request post-event. We can provide you with all the high res images on request.