Fleur East’s MP4 Booth

say fromage classic photo booth
October 2015

X Factor’s runner up Fleur East launched her new single “Sax” this month. It’s vibrant, colourful and very distinctive.


The creative agency Ralph and Co organised the launch of Fleur’s new single. They asked us for a product that could provide content to include¬†one of Fleur’s new songs. Say Fromage suggested to use our MP4 booth where a snippet of the song is played for the duration of the video.



Fleur East first had an appearance in Westfield Stratford last week where all her fans were able to use the booth with her and take some snaps. Our Classic Photo Booth was covered head to toe in prominent vibrant colours and similar graphics to the ones on the album cover.

The way it works is very similar to the process of the GIF booth. However instead of creating GIFs it creates MP4s. The photo booth takes four pictures that repeats for 10 seconds. During the 10 second video a tease of the song, Sax plays. The finished MP4s are then automatically uploaded to a dedicated gallery and available for people to share instantly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and email. The great advantage of the MP4 format is that it can be shared on Instagram immediately. Check out the MP4s that were made here.




In addition, everyone who used the booth and uploaded an MP4 on social media received a branded print to take away with them.

Fleur’s appearance in Westfield Stratford was such a success that Ralph and Co used the exact same booth for the launch party that took place at the Ham Yard Hotel in Soho. In both venues the booth was very popular and looked amazing.! In total 740 MP4s were made over three days!



The MP4 booth is perfect for clients who want to create small custom videos that mix user created content with brand material, which is then easy to share on Instagram and other social media.