Punk at 40 Photo booth at The British Library

say fromage photo booth
July 2016

London has alway been synonymous with Punk, (as well as in the Say Fromage office) and it seems quite fitting at the moment to celebrate Punk’s 40th anniversary.   So we have teamed up with the British library to provide a Punk pop-up photo booth in the wonderful shop that coincides with their FREE Punk 1976-78 exhibition and lots of talks and events, open until 2 October 2016.  The Library has an amazing collection of punk fanzines, flyers, recordings and record sleeves which you can see, and then maybe take some classics home if you swing by the shop and our Photo Booth using the #punk40.  It’s packed with vinyl, t-shirts, prints, books and exclusive prints by legendary music photographer Sheila Rock.  Have your picture taken in our photo booth using #punk40 (see some examples below) and experience the 70’s listening booth, kindly lent to the British library the Mick Jones Rock & Roll Public Library.

“Always more than a musical genre, punk allowed a generation to express themselves without deference, to invent without fear, and to create without boundaries.” Punk London 2016  

say fromage prints

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Punk British Library

Part of Punk London, a year of events, gigs, films, talks and exhibits celebrating 40 years of punk heritage and influence in London.  Here is a list of Punk London events running until the end of November.

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punk photobooth

punk booth

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